Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Been a While

Wow, I haven't written for a while. School started last Thursday and it has been so hot, I get home and I literally can't think. Today was one of the first days that I have felt like doing some work. I had my classroom all set up ready to go (except my desk area) and Monday when i started centers, I realized that it wouldn't work. There was no traffic pattern, I couldn't see some kiddos, it was not good. So I spent yesterday trying to figure out a better flow...which I did!!!! Things have literally been adding up and I don't think that I have felt this stressed the first week of school in since my first year of teaching.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A to do list a mile long

This starts the first full week back to work. We have staff stuff Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is ours in our classroom and the kiddos start Thursday. There is a lot going through my mind right now. I have not even started planning because there hasn't been time. I have a new para who does not have the best reputation in the school. I am trying to put a positive spin on the situation and start the year positive. She is coming in on Tuesday and Wednesday to do some work in the classroom so that on Thursday and Friday when the kids are here, I have them all to myself.
I try to cross things off my to-do list, but instead, most of the day was adding things to it. The list is now 3 pages long...ugh. I need to get to school early tomorrow to get some work done before meetings begin...I would love to share with all of you the amazing things I have been doing, but alas, none of it is done...
Tonight, in an effort to feel accomplished about something, I reorganized my thumb drive...that only made me feel even more stressed because I didn't know how to organize. I finally just made a bunch of folders and separated them out and I will look at them later.
There is so much to do...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We're Baaaaaaack

I spent Monday in an airport, making lists and lists of stuff that I need to get done.
Yesterday, I spent the morning in my classroom walking around, moving big piles into smaller piles...

Today, our first official day back was a lost day. We had meetings all morning (actually really productive) and then the afternoon was supposed to be work time, but it was also filled with impromptu meetings and helping new teachers figure out the ropes.

Feel like I have been slacking on the blog, but overwhelmed with school stuff.

I actually went to McDonald's for dinner tonight with the little guy and realized that I didn't have breakfast or lunch. While he was playing on the playset, I was again, adding to my to-do list. Right now, when we are supposed to be having "quiet time", I am writing this and thinking about my to do list....I brought home 2 bags and a milk crate full of things I need to get done tonight...we will see. I only have tomorrow...Friday is an out of the building staff retreat!

Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hi all, thanks for the updates and the messages that my pics aren't showing up...not sure what is up with that. I am at my parents house in Minnesota and up north with no cell or computer service. I will be heading home on Monday and get back to the classroom on Tuesday. Kiddos start August 18th! Let the craziness begin! I have already started having back to school dreams!