Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Starting anew

Hi all, I know its been almost a year since I wrote. It's been a busy one. New school, new curriculum, new everything at stuff not so great but getting there. Anyway... On to bigger and better things.

I am ready to start planning for next year. It is spring break (well almost) and I am ready for a change. I think I have the smallest room ever this year and it doesn't look like it's going to change any time soon so I need to deal with it. I am one who likes to stock pile furniture and then slowly get rid  of it. Well, I am down to the bare minimum (well almost) and I am looking to chuck some more. I feel like I have crap all over this room and I need to downsize and get rid of. I think I am rambling because I have no idea how or where to start so I might as well pick a corner and start...right. Ok so I have this cute little corner that is perfect for a small rug. It has two bulletin boards and a bunch of wall space. I am thinking it will make a nice cozy library.

Question...what do I put on the bulletin boards? I kind of want to get them prepped for next year, but we don't get out of school until June 20th (we start back in August) 5 weeks off and I want to rest. so if there are any helpful people out there who have ideas for a library/reading board...please help. I will post pics before and after...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Task Cards

One huge hurdle I have this summer is my "task cards". Before I switched schools, I copied a bunch of task cards so that I could get them ready for the next school year. When my mom was visiting for a week, she helped me cut them out. Now I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all of them. How am I going to get them ready for the school year, laminated, on card stock, and training the kids. Not feeling ready. Not feeling it at all actually. So my thought is that I spend this year getting them ready and doing them well so that next year they are ready? Ugh. What are your thoughts? I would love some advice. I was all excited about them and now, just not feeling it.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Spending Money

As a teacher, I have spent thousands and probably thousands of dollars on my classroom. When I was single it didn't really matter. I didn't have anyone to report or explain to. When I got married (10 years ago) I have to explain my purchases all the time. Every summer, I go a little overboard. Part of it is having the little guy, he does better when we go out and do field trips. Well, today, got in trouble with the big man (his nickname is Money Nazi). Anyway, so I have to be a little more careful about my projects...maybe...

On a better note, I have been working hard on getting ready for the new school and new grade. I am feeling a little overwhelmed. New school, grade, curriculum, harder expectations...don't get me wrong, I am SOSOOO excited. Next week I go in for a week of PD to prepare for the next school year. My personal goal was to be done with all my work before I went on vacation on July 5th. Not sure if that is going to happen, but working on it.

I can't wait to show pictures...and how everything fits into my classroom...


Monday, May 14, 2012

End of the Year

With 9 days left...Yahoo!!!! I started taking down stuff in the classroom. We are supposed to have our classrooms done by Friday so that the kiddos have all their stuff  and the recycling bins aren't overflowing the last week of school. As I was taking it down, I noticed that I really did not have a lot up. The kids have been very helpful! They emptied my bins, washed them out, removed all the staples from the bulletin boards and helped weed out the dried out markers from the ones that still work. It's amazing how helpful they were today. The whole time I kept thinking about my new classroom...what does it look like, how much space will I have, what materials will be in there, bulletin boards...the mind is a workin.

On May 29th, I have to stop at my old school and do the official drop off the keys and then I am going to go over to my new school and see if I can get in and take some measurements and pictures. From what I remember of the other classrooms, there is not a lot of bulletin board space so I know that I will have to use wall space. There are some amazing Pinterest ideas for word walls and such.

Here is my favorite: Word Wall. Last I night on TPT, I found fish word wall letters that will use and then color coordinate with scrap-booking paper.

I have been trying to figure out what else I want to do in my classroom besides colorful fish and finally, it came to me...blues and lime greens. I found material at Hobby Lobby and made some crate benches for my reading table and decided to go with that.
Blue, Aqua and Lime Green Hanging Lanterns I need to find these!!!!!

Tonight, report cards and SGOs :( yuck!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My first attempt

During Teacher Appreciation week I download Terri Thornton's Math Calendar. I loved the design and the whole concept. One wish I had was to make it one page (to save paper) and there were a few items that I didn't want on mine. I thought that I would take this one inspiration to attempt my first publishing. It's not perfect and I might change it before the finally printing, but I am proud of it. Hopefully, this is the start of something great :)

My Math Calendar based on Terri Thornton.

This and That

I am down to 2 weeks (10 days) and I can hardly wait. This year has been hell. The AP has been a really PITA. He is one of those people that when it gets stressed...he takes it out on everyone else. The P doesn't like him and everyone knows it, so therefore he has taken to nonrenew or force out about 7 teachers. I have my final review with him on Friday - not expecting a great one based on this year, but you can be sure that I am bringing the union with me. 10 days...I can do this.

So for the next 10 days, I have some special things planned. We are continuing with the theme of the day but in overload for the next couple of weeks.

I am also feeling very frustrated that I am not one of those amazing bloggers who can produce wonderful products. Last night I had this great thought for a lesson plan format, but for the life of me, I could not figure out how to get it out of my head and onto the computer. That is one of my goals this summer...figure out how to create things on the computer.

Happy Mother's Day


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Math Posters

I wish I could take credit for finding this, but it all goes to Dr. Nicki's Guided Math Blog. These are fabulous math posters (and other great stuff). I am going to print them off and laminate them for instruction next year.

Here is the link: Fabulous Math Posters

There are also literacy posters and information...what a gold mine..Literacy Info and Posters