Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crazy week

All I can say is wow! It has been a week and it's only Wednesday. My teammate's dad passed away and the sub we have next door is a trip. I have been helping so much with that class, that I realized today that my own class has been suffering. I noticed that I was really negative today and that I just wanted the room to go away. When I am stressed, I like to clean and I was really wanting to clean and get rid of stuff. This, I realized is not the answer. I also realized that I need to close my door and not worry about what is going on next door because, although I feel bad for my teammate, I cannot worry about her kids. Anyway, so tonight, I need to regroup and refocus my energies. I need to get caught up and get stuff done. I need to get my head out of my b____t and do what I need to do. Did I also mention that my para has been done the past two days and I am also getting a new student tomorrow. ok, so that is my vent and I am moving on. I am actually falling in love with my students. It has been a hard first 9 weeks, but I look at each of them and love them.

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