Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's been a year

I am just now noticing that I haven't been on here since October. A lot has been happening and I have been in shut down mode. My AP has been trying to get me out of the building. He has been lying and spreading rumors about me which were obviously not true. It's been really hard staying motivated for my students and really focus on my job, while worrying about money and everything else. The hard part is that I love this school. I love the kids, the teachers, but when you have a toxic work environment and the principal is breathing down your back looking for that one wrong is so hard. Since January, I have been hitting the pavement looking for a new job. My husband and I counted last night and I realized that since I first started looking, I have gone on 35 different interviews. Well, yesterday, I found out that I got the job that I wanted and the pay that my husband wanted! I am so excited. I am finally feeling like I can start planning for next year and get's been a long year! 26 days left!!!!

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