Sunday, April 29, 2012

Next Year Mode

I have entered next year mode. Until this last week, I have been hiding behind anything and everything. Total denial that I didn't have a job yet, but now that I have a job...I am going at it. I have already started making stuff and doing my summer rounds looking for good deals.

I have decided on a fish theme. I keep finding really cute stuff for "ocean" but kinda want to stay with just fish. I have my mom (who lives in Minnesota) on a hunt for cute fish fabric.I am tying in bright colors and animated fish! Eventually I will get some actual fish for my new room, but need to make sure I have space.

I have made a couple of things thus far. My father in law cut out some wood benches for me to use with my new crates. I will use those for storage and for my guided reading seats.

I have been using these book boxes in my classroom for the past two years, and I found a couple more in the various colors.

I got some paintsticks from Home Depot and Lowes today which I am going to sandpaper and paint this week in a blue/green color to use as name plates.

Slowly I have been gathering up different materials for fish...I will be looking for more fish things, so if you find anything...let me know. I am so excited.

I have been also joining third grade blogs and getting ideas. In all my years of teaching, I can't believe that third grade is the only year that I have not ever taught...SO EXCITED!!!!

18 days left of school...can not wait. The last three years have been HELL!

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