Thursday, May 3, 2012

CCSS...Core Knowledge...and more

As I prepare for next year in 3rd grade, I am surrounded, dreaming, and consumed with common core standards, core knowledge, and planning. So I decided that I was going to go through each subject and try to figure out everything and work myself out of the closet that is my world right now. I started with math. It seemed like it was the easiest subject to start with and um...yeah, not so much. Trying to figure out which end is up is a struggle. I took all the documents that I have been collecting and sorted through them, combined them and hopefully figured out what I am doing. I made a chart that determines the differences between common core and Core Knowledge. Took a couple of different scope and sequences and combined them into a sort of planning guide. I then took the CCSS and made checklists, cheat sheets, skill sheets and galore. I honestly not sure if it is going to help me at all, but I am hoping that once I sit down and start hard core planning, this helps. My plan is to somehow make a section in my data binder for each student and also document when I am teaching the various standards. What I am realizing is that there is a lot more work and accountability that goes along with CCSS and there is a lot of teaching on my plate with Core Knowledge. I am hoping that it makes sense soon.

Here are the documents that I made combining a lot of information that I found online.


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