Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back to My Old Ways

My husband had off all day today so I thought that I would spend the day quietly - by myself - in my classroom. I am hoping to get my classroom all set up before I leave for vacation in a couple of weeks. So I went in without a plan. I always go in with a map for my room. It makes life a lot easier, but of course, today I didn't have a plan. I think I flip flopped my room about 4 times. I so wanted to put my meeting rug somewhere new, but there were so many things against it...

- the rug would be on a tile which may cause accidents
- there were a 3 power boxes on the wall where I would like to hang my anchor charts
- my big bookshelf really closed off the room and
- I felt like there was a lot of wasted space.

Then, I moved it back to where I had it last year. It made so much more sense to have it there. My objectives board is there, my calendar wall would work better over there.

Before I moved my classroom for the last time - I hoped, I was kicked out so the janitors could do the floors. It was probably a blessing in disguise. I went home and made a map of the classroom and of course, I feel so much better!

I am feeling a little stressed about the time left before I leave for vacation and when school starts. I am leaving on the 28th and we have to officially report back on August 9th. I have yet to look at writing or content yet. Maybe if I get the room done, I can really focus on the rest...we will see.

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