Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where did the summer go?

I have been working like a mad woman all summer getting stuff ready for the new school year. I am down to the planning part of my summer and it hit me today like a ton of bricks...I LEAVE WEDNESDAY!!! One of my fellow teachers said the other day "I haven't done all my summer bucket list stuff yet". No kidding. As I was sitting at McDonalds with my little guy, I realized that I too have not done my bucket list. Ok, I haven't even made one, but still, there are things that I want to do. So I thought that I would make one and do some of it during the next 2 weeks that I am designating as vacation.

1. I want to crochet. My best friend is due in September with #3 and I want to make the baby a blanket
 I bought the yarn today and will be working on this! 
2. I would love to have a day that I just spend on the couch watching tv.
3. While on vacation - with my parents - I want a day at the beach to veg and read.
4. Clean out my car
5. figure out my Ipad - which I have been ignoring all summer
6. have a date with my hubby

Wow, I have a really lame bucket list...but I guess my point is that I have been too wrapped up in school work all summer that I need to put it away.

I will still be looking for great ideas on my favorite websites, but mini vacation here I come!

ps My husband is watching me type this and said "yeah right, you have teaching on the brain all the time, I bet you can't give it up for the next two weeks" We shall see.

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